Sambodhi Social Development Programs

Sambodhi Academy Maharashtra

Sambodhi Academy Maharashtra was established on 14 oct.1997, an auspicious day of Dhammachakra Parivartan Din (Religious Actuation Day) and it was registered with Charity Commissioner, Parbhani on 13 March 2000.

The basic ideology of Sambodhi Academy Parbhani is that various classes of the society should come on equal level and become imparters and possessors of justice in process of social convergence.

Founder Bhimrao Hattiambire has assumed the central and mentoring role in elevating principles of democracy: equality, fraternity liberty and justice and has been empowering and strengthening the same through Sambodhi Academy Parbhani

Sambodhi Social Activities/ Programs

For 23 years, Sambodhi has been arranging collective marriage ceremonies of all religions, blood donation camps, disease cure and diagnosis camp, de-addiction and drug rehabilitation camps, Sanitation camp, tree planation campaign and youth camps for employment guidance.

Sambodhi Academy has been running secondary and higher secondary schools, hostels for backward class girls and competitive exam training centres.

Collective Marriage Ceremonies

Blood Donation Camps

Social Help

Sambodhi Dhammratna and Late Ramkrishna Dhere Award

Sambodhi Academy Maharashtra is conferring various Awards as SAMBODHI DHAMMRATNA and LATE RAMKRISHNA DHERE AWARD also for honouring eminent personalities who are working for elevating path and creed of Dhamma.

Recipients of Dhammratna Award

Sr.No Name of the Awardee Year Award Details
1. Hon. Justice C.L. Thool (president, SC, ST commission Maharashtra state) 2015 Trophy, Testimonial, Prize money of Rs.25000/-
2. Hon. Dineshji Waghmare (I.A.S.) (secretary dept. of social justice& special assistance, govt.of Maharashtra) 2016 Trophy, Testimonial, Prize money of Rs.50000/-
3. Hon. Late Hanumant kaka Upre (president, satyashodhak conference of Other Backward class) 2017 Trophy, Testimonial, Prize money of Rs.50000/-
4. Hon. Arvind Sontakke (I.R.S.)joint commissioner income tax Rajkot) 2018 Trophy, Testimonial, Prize money of Rs.50000/-

Recipients of Late Ramkrishna Dhere Award

Sambodhi Academy has always honored persons who have toiled day and night to crate awareness in people about social, cultural & educational awareness sensitivity & responsibility.

Sr.No Name of the Awardee Award Details
1. Mr Kumar Saptarshi (senior Journalist) Trophy, Testimonial
2. Mr Baburao Jagtap( Leader of renaming movement) Trophy, Testimonial
3. Mr Ranga Rachure Trophy, Testimonial
4. Mr M.R. Patil (senior Gazetted officer) Trophy, Testimonial
5. Dr Munsilal Gautam( additional chief secretary, dept. of home) Trophy, Testimonial
6. Mr Uttamrao Khobragade, (Engineer) Trophy, Testimonial
7. Mr A.R. Bansode Trophy, Testimonial
8. Mr G.M. Khandare Trophy, Testimonial
9. Mr S.L. Jadhav( secretary, Public work dept.) Trophy, Testimonial